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Author Topic: Competition results of PDOers  (Read 72135 times)
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« Reply #1050 on: March 21, 2015, 11:11:54 AM »

I'd be curious to hear the differences you note between what you've heard all these years and what your new teacher teaches you.
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« Reply #1051 on: March 24, 2015, 03:51:55 PM »

No, we are not saying the woman is on her own, very, very much the opposite.  We become one half of a team that learns to work as one body with four legs.  The man indicates and the lady takes that indication to know what to do and when to do it, not wait until the man has to take her there.  Kind of like a three legged race where you move your own legs but have to be in sync with your partner. It is not up to the man to drag the tied legs along.  The woman has to feel, but also understand the signal the man gives so she can be in unison with the man.   Long past are the days where the woman is just the plastic blow up doll that the man carts around.  The woman has her job and the man his and it is a partnership, not where the woman is just a piece of equipment for the man.  I have spent years learning to lead and dance the man's part up to Championship in Latin, Standard, Rhythm and Smooth and it has made me become very aware of what the man needs and how the woman effects the man and vice versa.  Sadly, most men, who really should know the woman's part and be able to dance it, often do not learn it.  How can a man lead if he really is not aware of what she is doing and where she is going?  In defence of the men the woman must know what the leads are as well.  It is a common language between them and both need to understand it to be able to communicate properly.

I certainly agree on the point that many of the top dancers do not make the best teachers.  I am often amazed how they have not learned to understand the body mechanics, reasons for doing something and so forth.  They do what they do because they were told to do it and they don't actually understand why they do it.     Many times they are taught to only portray a picture of what a good dancing couple should look like.  It is a false frame done with only basic knowledge.  These people then teach but teach only what they know, how to create a picture, not create a dancer.  Since they say or are high level dancers people assume that they must also be skilled teachers.  

Of course with the majority of instructors out there hanging up a shingle after learning their skill from Studio Youtube, a few group lessons or both, how can we expect to ever develop better dancers.    
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Everyone tries to rush up through the syllabus levles and think once they are at the top they have arrived.  What they don't realize is that by doing this it is like skimming through a book, you may get the gist but you will never understand the story.
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« Reply #1052 on: March 28, 2015, 02:30:33 AM »

I am currently working on maintaining long sides. we have done a lot of work on top-line frame and hope this can be carried through to the next comp. it is paramount for us to move to the next level.  If I can say tha what I think our new coach is advising, is preparing and know where your body weight is and use it as a counter weight and not fall with it. Also I need to wait a bit longer. I have moments of brilliance and the opposite Tongue

Dance is a delicate balance between perfection and beauty.  ~Author Unknown
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